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Kindergarten Photography

What type of photos do we take?

Our Kindergarten photography differs a little from the Early Years photos in that by age 3 or 4 the children are more willing to take direction and will give us lovely expressions. Taking time to be a bit more creative and natural, we take a series of activity based photographs both inside and outside which include images of children engaging in play as well as more 'candidly posed' photos which we hope bring out each child's personality.  We try to provide a good variety of photographs for parents to choose from.

Why choose Kinderpics?

We are professional photographers who love to take the time to connect with every child we photograph.  We love what we do and it shows in the images that we capture and also in the children's response to us.  We run a well organised service that is aimed at minimising disruption to the Kindergarten.

  • There is no obligation for parents to purchase
  • Our packages provide great value for money and there are products to suit every budget

How do parents order photos?

We will send a letter home with parents asking them to pre-register to have their child photographed.  Each childs photographs will be loaded to their own secure online gallery for parents to order.  Parents will be given access to their own childs images only.

Parents can mix and match their choice of photos within their chosen packages.  They can enlarge, crop or change colors to produce the photos that they want.

We offer parents the flexibility to order photos on their desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone - anytime, anywhere.

When will the photos be delivered?

  • Photo packages are printed and delivered back to the Kindergarten within three weeks.
  • Because the souvenir booklets are custom designed for each child, they take approximately 4 weeks to be delivered back to the Kindergarten

What does the Kindergarten receive?

As a 'thank you' for allowing us to meet and photograph your little people, we will

  • Photograph all staff and provide a complimentary photo, staff group photo and the class group for each staff member
  • Provide a complimentary print of each class group 
  • Donate 10% of sales back to the school
  • Provide a free USB containing all group images for use on the Kindergarten website/newletters etc.

Further Information

Here are the answers to the questions that we are asked more often:

  • We photograph all children unless we are instructed otherwise by the Kindergarten Director
  • All children are included in the group/class photos unless we are specifically asked not to by the Kindergarten Director
  • We do not charge to visit the Kindergarten or to provide proof sheets of the childrens images
  • We are happy to pop back if a child was away sick on photo day
  • All of our photographers have current "Working with Children" accreditation
  • We are happy to provide images for use in your advertising/on your website.  If there are any specific photos you would like, please ask our photographers on photo day
  • Kinderpics has public liability insurance

We would love to be invited to take photos of the little people at your Kinder.  Please stay up to date via our Facebook page.   Contact us for pricing information and/or to make a booking.  Or call Kym on 0419 502 200.


Natural, happy kindergarten photos